Top 15 sites for Citrix exam preparation

You can't agree or disagree because these are the top sites I usually visit while I'm creating a Citrix practice exam and/or studying to take one:

Uno. Citrix eDocs - A must for serious test-takers - It's Admin Guides for most products!

Dos. Citrix Knowledge Center - Another must. Many times I find better information here than above.

Tres. Citrix Support Forums - So many real world examples it will blow your mind. (Ok, not literally.)

Quatro. - I can't count the times Stephane saved me with his web site. Shows up in Google often!

Cinco. CarlWebster - Webster has been around forever but his site is fairly new. Has some of the most detailed posts with pics.

Seis. Citrix TV - Their Citrix product videos saved my arse more than once. Enough said.

Siete. XenAppBlog - Another one that shows up often - and I like pics when I don't have access to my labs.

Ocho. Google Images - Speaking of pics, I can usually find a value in a policy, setting or whatever I need at the time on Google Images.

Nueve. Jeroen Tielen - Jeroen and Henny (below) had to Octagon fight for the 9 and 10 spots. Great info on both.

Diez. Henny Louwers - Like Jeroen, Henny keeps his blog up to date and I've found info on both that I haven't elsewhere.

Once. Citrixxperience - Not a "ringer", it shows up in searches often. Been around since October 2000. How many can say that? Kidding ha.

Doce. Citrix Blogs - I have usually already found what I'm looking for by now. But a great one to have. Maybe should be up higher.

Trece. DABCC - I've known Doug for quite a while. Great site. Lots of news, PodCasts, White Papers etc. Definitely one for your arsenal.

Catorce. - Although I don't use it too often for test prep - Aaawwssoome site.

Quince. Google - Why are you surprised? If you can't find it in one of the above, Google it and you're certain to find what you're after.

I realize there are hundreds of Citrix related sites out there, but these are the ones I use the most. I might have forgotten some and if so, I'll post extras while I'm creating and/or studying for the next exam.

Feel free to post your own faves in the comments.

2 comments to Top 15 sites for Citrix exam preparation

  • Curran Padake

    Thanks for the compilation some of these sites I have never heard of will have to take alook.

    Curran Padake

  • Philip

    for my two cents..

    Forums @ Brian Madden, lots of helpful guys out heres (and girls)

    Jarien Gibson provides good info as well..

    and not forgetting Citrix Education for the free on line overviews..