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Those who pass Citrix’s 1Y0-253 exam earn their …

1Y0-253 Exam Resource Guide Section 9

Section 9: Troubleshooting issues on NetScaler




Objective: Debug Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)


Source: What’s New in Previous 10.5 Builds


Source: aaa




Objective: Troubleshoot license issues


Source: Citrix NetScaler VPX and CloudBridge VPX Licensing Guide


Source: Troubleshooting Common Issues


Source: …

1Y0-253 Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Sample Questions

Below are four sample questions from the 1Y0-253 Citrix NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions CCA-N certification exam. These sample questions can be found in the 1Y0-253 Exam Preparation Guide on Citrix Education’s website.

Sample Question 1

Objective: Determine the authentication methods in the environment

Which two tasks must a Citrix Administrator complete to enable …

1Y0-253 Exam Resource Guide Section 8

Section 8: Setting up auditing, monitoring and reporting for the NetScaler implementation




Objective: Determine what services/servers need to be monitored


Source: Configuring SNMP


Source: Monitoring




Objective: Identify which reporting tool to use for monitoring


Source: Understanding NetScaler Insight Center


Source: Logs, Statistics, and …

1Y0-253 Exam Resource Guide Section 7

Section 7: Customizing traffic in a NetScaler implementation




Objective: Configure Responder, Rewrite, or URL transform


Source: Rewrite


Source: Redirecting Client Requests to an Alternative URL


Source: Expressions for HTTP and Cache-Control Headers




Objective: Implement and Configure SSL and identify when it should be used