Tips to help you save on the rising cost of Citrix certification

Here are 4 tips to help you save on the high cost of certification.

Ask a friend who is already certified.

Has a coworker or friend already taken a training class for the certification that you are planning to attain? If so, look to them for their hand-me-down training materials, such as the training class courseware, and for their experience.

Scour the internet for free and deeply discounted study material.

By searching the internet for study material, you might find some study material, such as study notes or a study guide, on an obscure personal blog or website. Also, some training outlets and boot camps will have left-over exam vouchers or training material that they are looking to sell for deep discounts.

Ask your company to pay for it.

This is a tried and true way of cutting down your costs of studying for and taking a certification exam. Many times, employers are willing to pay for employee training, study materials, such as practice exams and study guides, and for the exam itself.

Search LinkedIn for clearing houses for training and certifications.

LinkedIn has many clearing houses for training and certifications. They might offer deep discounts and unlimited tries at the exam for one low price. Make sure you have some knowledge of the company you that you decide to go with. Also, be sure to steer clear of anyone who is selling braindumps/pirated test questions, so as not to take a chance on being decertified.

Whatever the cost to becoming certified, certification is one proof of your knowledge and skills in your industry.

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