How You Can Take Citrix eLearning Online Training Courses For Free

Most people don't know this, but Citrix has free eLearning courses online at Citrix Education's website. Yes, the courses are basic, so don't expect to get the in-depth training that you would get by taking an instructor-led course or a premium eLearning course, but everyone has to start somewhere, and these free courses are a great place to start.

We'll just focus in on three Citrix products and technologies for this article, and those three are: XenApp and XenDesktop - App and Desktop Virtualization, NetScaler - Networking, and XenMobile - Enterprise Mobility Management.

How to access the free courses

To find the free courses, browse to Citrix Education Offerings and find the technology offering of your choice: Enterprise Mobility Management, App and Desktop Virtualization, or Networking. When you find the one you are interested in, click the blue 'Learn More' button, as in the image below.

Citrix Education Offerings

After clicking one of the blue buttons, you will be taken to the appropriate training page.

Enterprise Mobility Management

The Enterprise Mobility Management Page looks a bit different than the other two pages, but it is not difficult to navigate.

Under the title, "Get started free," find the CXM-101 XenMobile Foundations course and click 'Learn More'.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Clicking the button will take you to the XenMobile CXM-101 page, where you might have to scroll down to see the free CXM-101-1W course. Click the blue 'Add To Cart' button, login with your Citrix username and password, or register if you don't have credentials on, and when redirected back to the CXM-101 page, click the blue Launch button.

CXM-101 XenMobile Foundations

App and Desktop Virtualization, and Networking

For the App and Desktop Virtualization, and the Networking offerings, the navigation is basically the same.

After clicking the blue 'Learn More' button on the Offerings page, you will be taken to either the Virtualization page or the Networking page.

You might have to scroll down to see the 'Get started free' title, and the blue 'Take training now' button. Click the blue button to be taken to the Introduction page.

App and Desktop Virtualization


As in the case of the XenMobile training, you will have to log in with credentials and then you will be allowed to take the training course of your choice.App and Desktop Virtualization


It's not easy to find free offerings these days, so give it a try if you plan to take a Citrix exam or just want to learn the basics of a Citrix technology and product.

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