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Online Exam Simulation Updates

Things have been going well with the inaugural online exam simulation practice exam - 1Y0-A20 Citrix® XenApp 6.5 Administration. Of course, there have been a few "hiccups", but they have been resolved, so we're pleased with that and want to thank all of those who have been brave enough to purchase the exam in beta testing.

This week we are making a few minor changes and adding a couple of features and we should be out of beta by next week.

The changes include: Purchasers of online exam simulations will have to register on CX before accessing the online exam. Purchasing the exam will still be possible without a CX profile, but when a customer goes to access an exam without being logged in, they will be redirected to a login/register page. This is critical as we must be able to match each exam session with a user ID so that we can record a history of the customers' exam scores and collect more statistics about customer to exam data.

As mentioned, the new features being added this week are: when a test-taker completes an exam, they will be redirected to CX where they can look at their latest results, broken down by section (which can already be done on the exam simulation server) and look at their past test results. We believe this will not only help us with statistics, but more so, help the test-taker to compare how well they did on previous attempts and be able to get a more accurate gauge of how close they are to their readiness for the real exam.

We're excited to release the new features and are working diligently to have them completed by next week.

As for the exam simulation itself, we have cleaned it up and made the links to the explanation sources clickable, so no more copying and pasting.

Thank you for your patience as we have been developing the new exam simulation system and please keep sending in your ideas as you are taking an exam.

Any questions? Contact us.


2 comments to Online Exam Simulation News and Update

  • Rafael Waddyngton

    Hi, I’m new here and from Brazil. I just wanna know hos does online test exam real function. I pay U$$69.00 and have access by 1 month period? I asked because I think a little expensive. But, anyway, I’ll test. Thanks.

    • Jeff Rohrer

      Hi Rafael,

      I can appreciate that everybody has their “threshold” of what is too expensive. If you have kept up with Citrixxperience over the last year, then you know how much work has went into this practice exam and each practice exam coming out from now on.

      You could always buy a braindump from one of the cheat sites, which is not approved by Citrix for $99 or more ;)