Update on the new practice exams

Please note: Prices have changed and other information may no longer be relevant in this post.

Starting January 1, 2012.

First of all, Citrixxperience is very happy to announce that the new 1Y0-A20 Citrix® XenApp 6.5 Administration practice exam has been completed. We are now in the process of upgrading and testing the exam prep delivery system that we used several years ago.

The new system has more features and functions that will be very helpful to the test writer and the test-taker. The practice exam is still slated to go live on January 1st, 2012. If that date changes, I'll send out an email and post it on the blog as soon as I know.

I'd like to thank Citrix® Education for all of their assistance in not only helping me to write much more well-rounded practice exams, but also for their time and resources reviewing the new 1Y0-A20 practice exam and giving it their approval to sell on the market as a non-braindump, non-cheating, legitimate practice exam. No other vendor in the world can say that as of now and it is an honor to work so closely with the Citrix® Education department.

Also, a big thanks goes out to the Citrix® Subject Matter Experts who helped in making the 1Y0-A20 practice exam the best one so far. Thank you for your time and for lending me your expertise, and in some cases, your resources.

New Practice Exams
Going forward, all new practice exams, including the 1Y0-A20, will be sold separately for $69.00 for the first month of access and $19.00 for each recurring month. They will not be part of the membership system that is currently in place, as was announced on 11/22/2011. If you do not want to pay recurring costs, make sure that you are positively ready to take the real exam so that you can cancel your access to the practice exam before being charged for a recurring payment.

Current Premium Members
Anyone who is a Premium member now or becomes a Premium member before 12:00am MDT, January 1, 2012, will receive the first new practice exam, 1Y0-A20 XenApp 6.5 Administration, as part of the Premium membership. These members will have to pay separately for all practice exams released after the 1Y0-A20.

New practice exams will not be available in PDF format. They will be delivered from an online exam engine. This was put in place to help track the actual number of test-takers and curb pirating of the practice exams.

Again, I want to reiterate that anyone who purchases the 1Y0-A20 or any new practice exam after December 31, 2011, will purchase it separate, not as part of the current membership system.

The current Premium membership will still be available to purchase for those who are taking the "older" Citrix exams. It will be renamed the "5.x Practice Exams" membership.

Study Guides
I'm sorry to see them go away, but there will not be a free study guide for the new practice exams as there were for the old ones. The items in the new practice exams will contain plenty of information, such as a detailed explanation and links to more information about the subject. However, I will continue to create blog posts with information that will be helpful to test-takers.

Higher standards
All of the new practice exams will be released with standards of quality that surpass any practice exam that has been released by Citrixxperience previously. Going forward, all Citrixxperience practice exams will have this higher standard.

Item writing method
In the last year, I had the privilege of being an item development team member and subject matter expert (SME) on several new Citrix® exams. Working closely with members of Citrix® Education and SMEs from around the world, I learned to create items for exams using the method that Citrix® and many other companies and organizations use.

As was stated, new practice exams will not be released in non-secure formats. The practice exams will be delivered from an online exam prep system to help curb piracy, allow tracking of practice exams, and keep prices lower for the test-taker in the long run.

Wrap up
I'm looking forward to delivering the highest quality practice exams for Citrix® certifications for a long time to come and about the new online exam prep delivery system that we will be unveiling soon.

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