1Y0-A24 Practice Exam Updated 103 Questions

For premium members, especially if you're taking the 1Y0-A24 Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration exam soon, the 1Y0-A24 practice exam has been updated from 91 to 103 questions.

I'm studying for this exam myself now, so while doing so, I decided to fill in some details that I felt needed to be there. Hopefully it results in a better practice exam to assist us all in passing the real thing!

2 comments to 1Y0-A24 Practice Exam Updated 103 Questions

  • Syed Iqbal

    Hi Jeff,

    I purchase the A24 exam in Aug 2011, I just see there is an update from 93 question to 103. Can I get the latest exam without any cost?


    • Jeff Rohrer

      Hi Syed, the update was done in July so you should have the latest. Just for future reference, the updated practice exams are reserved for those who are Premium Access members – if they cancel their membership they don’t automatically get the updated exams after their 1st month membership expires.