Download and Install Citrix XenCenter 6.0

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This is obviously a really simple task, but what some Citrix test takers don't know is that you can download Citrix XenCenter for free and perform some tasks without having to build a single XenServer host.

The main reason I downloaded it is because I'm "in between" XenServer labs now while I wait for my new computer to arrive, so until then I need the XenCenter Help Contents. I searched all throughout the web for a simple image and/or description of certain configurations that I'm writing questions about, and although I could probably fake it and get it correct, I want to make sure that it's correct.

So here is a step-by-step of where to download XenCenter Windows Management Console for free and instructions to install it. I've even included images!

    1. Browse to

      and enter your credentials.

      • Obviously, if you don't have credentials, you can register at
    2. On the top gray bar, click



      Click download

    3. On the

      Search Downloads by Product

      drop-down list, select


    4. Select XenServer

    5. On the products page, scroll down to

      XenServer 6.0

      and click it.
    6. Click XenServer 6.0

    7. Click the gray circle next to

      Citrix XenServer

      to expand the selection.
    8. Click the Gray Circle

    9. In the list of expanded selections, click the

      XenCenter 6.0 Windows Management Console

    10. Click XenCenter 6.0

    11. The download starts in a new window and when finished, either open the folder that it's in and run the setup wizard or click


      and start the wizard right away.
    12. Show in Folder or Open the Install File

    13. Click


      on the


    14. Welcome Screen

    15. Choose a destination folder and if you want to install it for only you or everyone on the

      Destination Folder

      screen and click


    16. Destination Folder

    17. Click Install on the Ready to Install XenCenter screen.
    18. Click Install

    19. XenCenter installs and when finished, click Finish on the Completed the Citrix XenCenter Setup Wizard screen.
    20. Completed Installation

    21. Open XenCenter from the Start Menu and choose whether you’d like XenCenter to periodically check for updates or not.
    22. Automatic Updates Yes or No

    23. Now, without a XenServer lab, you can at least see what it looks and feels like to perform a limited number of tasks such as creating a new pool, adding a new server, and a few other selections.
    24. Create a New Resource Pool


      Add a New Server

    25. And the main reason I downloaded it, for the help section which I couldn't find anywhere. In fact, in Citrix's documentation it says to look at XenCenter Help for some configurations. Click the Help menu item to view Help Contents.
    26. XenCenter Help Contents

    27. Some other selections you get in the Help menu item are checking for updates, browsing to the XenServer page on, and downloading XenCenter plugins from the Citrix Developer Network.
    28. Help Menu Items

      That's all there is to it to download, install, and perform limited configurations without having a XenServer host with which to connect. Not to mention, get full access to the help contents.

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