HA best practices: XenServer host maintenance

Directly from XenCenter Help:

The best practice for HA is not to make configuration changes to the pool while HA is enabled. Instead, it is intended to be the “2am safeguard” which will restart servers in the event of a problem when there isn’t a human administrator nearby. If you are actively making configuration changes in the pool such …

XenServer Maintenance Mode and Workload Balancing

So that an administrator can perform maintenance on a XenServer host while Workload Balancing (WLB) is enabled in the pool, place the host in Maintenance mode. Here is how to do it (based on an excerpt from XenCenter Help).

In the Resources pane of XenCenter, perform one of the following actions:

1. Select the XenServer host, right-click and click …

XenCenter: Configure VM HA Restart Priority

Based on the XenCenter Help Contents, the following is a description of the Restart Priority of virtual machines (VMs) and how to configure using the XenCenter management console:

Select the VM in the Resources pane and click the HA restart priority tab. Choose Restart to guarantee a VM will be restarted if sufficient resources are available within the pool. …

Move a VM to another pool with XenCenter

To move a virtual machine (VM) from one XenServer resource pool to another pool, use the Export wizard and the Import wizard in the XenCenter management console.

The following steps to export and import VMs are condensed explanations from the XenCenter Help Contents.

Export a VM

Select the desired VM or VMs to move and open the Export wizard. …

Download and Install Citrix XenCenter 6.0

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This is obviously a really simple task, but what some Citrix test takers don’t know is that you can download Citrix XenCenter for free and perform some tasks without having to …