1Y0-A26 Citrix XenServer Administration 6.0 (Demo)
May 27th 2022

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1) Scenario: Using the xe CLI, an administrator suspended the virtual machines (VMs) on an individual XenServer host prior installing an update on the host. The administrator executed the CLI commands to update the host.

After updating the host, the administrator disabled it and performed the _________ command. (Select the best choice to complete the sentence.)


2) Scenario: A XenServer administrator used XenConvert to create a virtual machine (VM) from a Windows Server 2008 SR2 physical machine. After running the conversion, the VHD failed to dismount.

What is the most like reason that the VHD did not dismount?


3) Scenario: Using the xe CLI, an administrator needs to create a resource pool initially consisting of four XenServer hosts. The administrator also must remove a host from a different resource pool and join it to the new pool. All of the XenServer hosts have the latest updates and the same hardware specifications. Shared storage (SR) will not be used until a later time.

What are three of the CLI commands the administrator must execute to accomplish the tasks? (Choose three.)


4) Scenario: An administrator of a XenServer Advanced Edition resource pool needs to configure varying levels of access in the pool for multiple users logging in with Windows domain credentials.

Which two steps should the administrator take to accomplish the goal? (Choose two.)


5) Scenario: An administrator removed a storage repository (SR) from a XenServer host by finding the UUIDs of the PBD and SR, and running the CLI commands 'pbd-unplug uuid=<a7c90492-946a-97f4-4a1a-4bde72d6c1f6>' and 'sr-forget uuid=<a7c90492-946a-97f4-4a1a-4bde72d6c1f6>'. While removing the SR, the administrator received an error message.

Which two places should the administrator check to start troubleshooting the issue? (Choose two.)


6) To create a private network in a XenServer resource pool with multiple hosts, which will allow all of the virtual machines (VMs)  to communicate with each other, but not allow the VMs to communicate outside of the pool, an administrator should configure a _________. (Select the best choice to complete the sentence.)


7) Scenario: A server was decommissioned due to hardware failure. The administrator is starting to notice that some VM’s are not booting their assigned vDisks. The server was not used for TFTP.

What must the administrator check to make sure that the decommissioned server is not causing the issue?


8) An administrator tried starting a virtual machine (VM) on a XenServer host in a resource pool and received an "out of memory" error.

Which XenServer feature should the administrator configure to help eliminate the error?


9) Scenario: An administrator just got done creating a new device in Provisioning Server. When the administrator boots up the newly created device for the first time they get the error “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”.

What should the administrator do to resolve the issue?


10) Scenario: An administrator is looking to test an image before they deploy it out to all servers in the device collection. The administrator already has setup test machines for the environment.

Which mode should the administrator put the vDisk into to test this image on multiple machines with the newly updated vDisk?


1Y0-A26 Citrix XenServer Administration 6.0 (Demo)
May 27th 2022

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