Citrix Exam Preparation Membership

Citrix Exam Preparation Membership
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Latest update: May 24, 2017

Citrix Exam Prep membership includes:

Online Exam Simulations - (some also sold separately.)

1Y0-201 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 129 Questions. Purchase individually - $39

1Y0-202 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 101 Questions. Purchase individually - $39 for a very limited time. Study guide in 7 days. More questions added daily.

1Y0-253 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 134 Questions. Purchase individually - $29

1Y0-301 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 127 Questions Purchase individually - $39

1Y0-400 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 68 Questions. Purchase individually - $29

1Y0-401 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide coming soon.

1Y0-A26 Online Exam & PDF & Study Guide 114 Questions. Purchase individually - $29

Citrix PDF practice exams (Not sold separately).

1Y0-201 129 Questions.

1Y0-202 101 Questions.

1Y0-253 134 Questions.

1Y0-301 127 Questions.

1Y0-400 68 Questions.

1Y0-A26 114 Questions

Citrix PDF Study Guides (Not sold separately.)






Other products included in the Citrix Exam Preparation Membership:

Citrix PDF Resource Guides

1Y0-200 Resource Guide

1Y0-201 Resource Guide

1Y0-250 Resource Guide

1Y0-253 Resource Guide

1Y0-300 Resource Guide

1Y0-301 Resource Guide

1Y0-350 Resource Guide

1Y0-400 Resource Guide

1Y0-A20 Resource Guide

1Y0-A22 Resource Guide

1Y0-A26 Resource Guide

Citrix PDF Exam Prep Guides

1Y0-200 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-201 Exam Prep Guide

1Y1-202 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-250 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-253 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-300 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-301 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-350 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-351 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-370 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-371 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-400 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-401 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-A19 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-A20 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-A22 Exam Prep Guide

1Y0-A26 Exam Prep Guide

Dripped Content and Resources

Free Citrix study resources from around the web - all in one place.

XenDesktop online training videos

NetScaler training videos

XenMobile video training

Online training


Study guides

Blog posts and any other free resources found online to help you study for your next Citrix exam.