How to pass a Citrix exam using practice exams

Lately, I've been asked a version of this question many times. Much more than in the past: "Do your practice exams have the same questions that I will see on the real exam?" So I figured I would write a quick post using the same template that I send to anyone who asks me that. I'm not judging, everyone has their own way of studying for exams but if you are interested in purchasing a practice exam you should be prepared to know the Citrix product that you are being tested on very well.

Here is where the template comes in:

To give you some background, I've worked closely with Citrix Education over the years and have assisted them in developing exams and they have assisted me in developing practice exams.

One of the processes of creating most of the practice exams is that someone at Citrix Education checks my questions against theirs and if they are too close to the real thing I have to write a new question. Some questions are fairly close but not very many and definitely not duplicates. Citrix Education makes it very clear that no one should be selling questions that are on the real exams.

They and I developed a method of creating practice questions using each objective so that the test-taker feels comfortable that they know the complete product before they take the real exam but not necessarily know which areas of the product they will be tested on. If you would like, please email to verify the information above.

Trust me, I know how some of you feel. I have failed an exam or two after writing the practice exam! That's because I focused too much on the practice exam material and not enough on the whole product or product’s environment.

My suggestions to pass a Citrix exam while using exam prep products ( which, by the way, won't get you de-certified for cheating:) ) are to download the appropriate exam prep guide from Citrix Education’s website and go through the Preparation section very closely, make sure and get plenty of real-world experience on all of the objectives, as well as familiarizing yourself of each objective using the Citrix Docs and Citrix Knowledge Center sites. Also, browse to and's Citrix Channel, and look up everything that is relevant to the product and exam, and take the Citrix Education free online training and/or the paid training.

That is where the template ends. But just a few more "words of wisdom".

Use the practice exams and study guides to make sure you are totally comfortable with the Citrix product no matter what the subject or objective happens to be. I always want to ask people, "Did your teachers give you all of the answers to all of the questions in school?" Of course not. I know the Internet has made it very easy and very tempting to retrieve the real questions, but should we lower our standards because cheat sites in countries outside of the U.S. and Europe, where copyright laws are (usually) taken seriously, are looking to make a quick buck off of us? I suppose that's a personal question but not one that should be ignored completely, in my opinion.

With practice exams you will get an explanation and at least one reference on the Internet where you can verify each answer to each question and hopefully learn a bit more along the way. You also get a handy, well organized study guide for some last minute 'cramming'. And, if you have any questions you can always contact us. If we can't come up with the correct answer, I guarantee we know someone who can.

I personally know many of the best Citrix Subject Matter Experts and Citrix Technical Professionals in the world, and some of them have written questions for my practice exams. But what's ironic is they don't take the practice exams because they know the products so well that they pass every exam without them. In my opinion, that is what we should all be striving for.

As always, I wish you all well on your upcoming exams.

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