1y0-400 Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Answer of the Day

Answer: c.d. (Pud-IvmSupervisor.log, SysVol-IvmSupervisor.log)

Explanation: A diagnostic tool can be used to monitor the changes made by users to both parts of their Personal vDisks (the user data and the application parts). These changes include applications that users have installed and files they have modified. The changes are stored in a set of reports. On the machine that will be monitored, run C:\Program Files\Citrix\personal vDisk\bin\CtxPvdDiag.exe. Browse to a location where the reports and logs will be stored, select which reports to generate, and click OK. One of the reports is Personal vDisk logs. The generated files are Pud-IvmSupervisor.log, PvDActivation.log, PvDSvc.log, PvDWMI.log, SysVol-IvmSupervisor.log, and vDeskService-<#>.log.

Source: XenApp and XenDesktop > Earlier versions of XenDesktop > XenDesktop 7 > Monitor > Monitor Personal vDisks

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