Free Citrix Study Guides and Practice Exams

Over the next several business days I will be publishing all of the free Citrix exam prep materials here in the blog. If you want to see what's already available in PDF format, browse to the Free Exam Prep page.

The materials that I will be publishing on the blog are as follows (not necessarily in this order):

1Y0-264 Study Guide
1Y0-456 Study Guide
1Y0-613 Study Guide
1Y0-A03 Study Guide and Practice Exam
1Y0-A05 Study Guide
1Y0-A06 Study Guide
1Y0-A08 Practice Exam Questions
1Y0-A09 Study Guide
1Y0-A23 Study Guide x 2

I'll start later today with the 1Y0-456 Citrix Access Suite 4.0: Build/Test study guide.

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