Citrix CCEE and CCIA Requirements in a Nutshell

I occasional receive an email asking about the CCEE (Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer) and the biggie, CCIA (Citrix Certified Integration Architect) requirements, although the person has already visited Citrix Education’s site. I don’t think I do any better explaining it, but in a nutshell here is how to get CCEE and CCIA certified:

To obtain …

User Profiles in Citrix XenApp 6.5

A quick reminder for most test-takers, but it can be confusing during an exam to remember the benefits and cons of each profile type.

User profiles generally hold:

Desktop settings such as wallpaper and screen saver Shortcuts and Start menu setting Internet Explorer Favorites and Home Page Microsoft Outlook signature Printers

Types of profiles:

Mandatory Local Roaming Profile Management …

Citrix CCA vs. CCAA Certification

There are currently four certification tracks a person can take for Citrix certification: CCA (Citrix Certified Administrator), CCAA (Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator), CCEE (Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer) and CCIA (Citrix Certified Integration Architect). Each of the four certifications have a specific purpose and each have a different skill level that a person must have to pass the requirements for …