1Y0-A22 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration Practice Exam (Demo)
May 27th 2022

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1) An administrator configured a Health Monitoring and Recovery tests policy to monitor the _________ Service on all of the XenApp servers in the farm to automatically alert the administrator if the test could not enumerate the applications available on the server.


2) Scenario: A company has a XenApp 6.5 environment on Windows Server 2008 R2. Citrix universal print driver is the default printing method for the most compatibility solution for the environment. A user reported that a published application does not print properly to the locally attached print device. An administrator discovered that the printer manufacturer does not provide 64-bit print drivers; only 32-bit Windows XP print drivers.

To allow the user to print from a default local printer, the administrator should install _________. (Select the best choice to complete the sentence.)


3) Scenario: An Administrator is managing a XenApp 6.5 farm that has four policies configured. The settings are displayed in the image below. The user named DOMAINUser1 is connecting from a thin client with an IP address

Which policy and setting will be applied?


4) Scenario: An administrator is researching a disaster recovery implementation for the company's XenApp environment. Without publishing additional applications, the administrator should make sure that if a disaster occurs at the company's primary datacenter that users will fail over to the backup data center.

The administrator should create _________ to meet the requirement. (Select the best choice to complete the sentence.)


5) Users are reporting that Citrix applications do not launch when they click the icons in a web browser although they can see the application icons.

Which should the administrator check to troubleshoot?


6) Scenario: During a SQL server consolidation project, a Citrix XenApp data store was moved from a standalone SQL 2008 server to a shared SQL 2008 server. After the data store move, the administrator attempted restarting the IMA service but it failed to start.

Which step should the administrator take first to fix the issue?


7) Scenario: The IT department of a company is enforcing stricter security across the enterprise. An administrator of a XenApp server farm using Web Interface plans to secure published application access for remote users. The administrator set up Access Gateway in the DMZ, which will use a translated address to connect to the XenApp servers.

Which two settings in Web Interface must be configured to allow the Access Gateway to use address translation? (Choose two.)


8) Scenario: An administrator is managing a XenApp farm consisting of 20 servers. Users are reporting that they are not able to launch published applications by through a web browser. An administrator noticed the following event in the Application Event log on the Web Interface server:

Event ID 30107: The Citrix servers reported that they are too busy to provide access to the selected resource. This message was reported from the XML Service at address <http://Server1:80>

Which of the following might be a cause of the reported error?


9) Scenario: A company has a XenApp farm with EdgeSight to monitor the XenApp servers' health and resource utilization. Up until the past few days, the XenApp environment was running within resource capacity during morning hours. Now it shows abnormal CPU spikes on XenApp servers during morning hours.

Which reason is most likely the cause of the CPU spikes?


10) Scenario: A satellite office accesses a XenApp farm over a WAN connection. The users in the satellite office print a high number of reports on client printers on a daily basis. With all of the printing, application performance is noticeably degraded for the users in the satellite office. The administrator configured the 'Overall session bandwidth limit' policy setting for the satellite office.

Which other policy setting should the administrator configure for the satellite office?


1Y0-A22 Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration Practice Exam (Demo)
May 27th 2022

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