1Y0-350 Citrix NetScaler 10 Essentials and Networking Practice Exam (Demo)
April 25th 2017

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1) Scenario: An engineer has created a private key file named key. A CSR named securesite.csr has been created and sent to an online Certificate Authority company. A certificate has been issued and uploaded to NetScaler as a file named securesite.cer. An engineer has created a certificate/private key pair named securesite_cert. A new SSL offload virtual server named vs-securesite has been created and needs to be configured to use the new certificate.

Which command should the engineer use to accomplish the task?


2) Scenario: An engineer configured Load Balancing vServer with a least response time algorithm. During the periodic review of the configuration, the engineer noticed that the Round Robin algorithm was selected as the current load balancing method.

Which behavior is most likely the cause of the change in the load balancing method?


3) An engineer plans to configure a NetScaler appliance to ensure that NetScaler will cache a server response if it is requested at least 100 times.

Which CLI command should the network engineer use to meet scenario requirements?


4) Scenario: An engineer is in charge of configuring GSLB for a website named alwaysavailable.site.com. The web servers are located in 2 datacenters across the USA. The goal is to provide best customer experience by connecting them to the datacenter with the lowest latency.

Which of the following items does the engineer need to configure in order to accomplish the goal? (Choose two.)


5) Scenario: An engineer plans to configure the HTTP callout feature on a NetScaler appliance. HTTP Callout agent is configured on the server named callout.example.com.

Company policy requires that all access to the backend servers should be configured using the FQDN instead of IP addresses.

Which two CLI commands should the engineer use in the configuration to meet scenario requirements? (Select two.)


6) Scenario: Company policy requires administrators logging on to NetScaler to use their own AD account and password. The root AD domain is called DOMAIN.LOCAL and the domain where all accounts are stored is a child domain named ACME. LDAP bind account named ns_bind is created in an OU named ServiceAccounts under the root of ACME domain.

Which four are valid for use with secure LDAP authentication to AD? (Choose four.)


7) Scenario: A NetScaler appliance is connected through interface 1/1 to a switch port with 802.1q VLAN trunking enabled. The native VLAN ID is 50.

Select the commands an engineer should use to add VLAN ID 51 to NetScaler.


8) Which three of the following can cause issues with NetScaler HA? (Choose three.)


9) A company is required to audit logon events on all network devices, including NetScaler devices, to a centralized log server in order to properly cross reference logon timelines.

Which step should the engineer take on the NetScaler devices?


10) Scenario: A NetScaler is configured with a management IP address of and MIP of A vServer with a VIP of is configured pointing to a single back end server with an IP of A NetScaler engineer is troubleshooting an issue and needs to capture traffic from the client all the way to the back end server. The traffic needs to be captured for 30 minutes in NON-native NetScaler format.

To troubleshoot the issue, the engineer should run the nstrace -filter DESTIP == _________ command.


1Y0-350 Citrix NetScaler 10 Essentials and Networking Practice Exam (Demo)
April 25th 2017

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