Tips to help you save on the rising cost of Citrix certification

Here are 4 tips to help you save on the high cost of certification.

Ask a friend who is already certified.

Has a coworker or friend already taken a training class for the certification that you are planning to attain? If so, look to them for their hand-me-down training materials, such as the training class courseware, and for their …

How You Can Take Citrix eLearning Online Training Courses For Free

Most people don’t know this, but Citrix has free eLearning courses online at Citrix Education’s website. Yes, the courses are basic, so don’t expect to get the in-depth training that you would get by taking an instructor-led course or a premium eLearning course, but everyone has to start somewhere, and these free courses are a great place to start.

The First Resource You Should Use For Citrix Certification Preparation

Common Questions

Many people ask questions such as, “How many questions are on the 1Y0-xxx exam?” or “Is the 1Y0-xxx exam the first exam I should take?” etc. Well, those are great questions and there is a great resource to find that out. The resource is Citrix Education’s exam preparation guides, also known as exam prep guides.

Exam Preparation …

1Y0-203 Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.15 Resource Guide Part 3

Section 9: Citrix Profile Management

 Part 3 of 3

Sections 9 – 14




Objective: Determine how to configure Citrix Profile Management


Source: About profiles


Source: Profile handling policy settings


Source: Streamed user profiles policy settings


Source: Persistent? Provisioned? Dedicated? Shared?



Section 10: …

1Y0-203 Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop 7.15 Resource Guide Part 2

1Y0-203 Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 Administration Resource Guide

Part 2 of 3

Sections 4 – 8


Section 4: Provision and Deliver App and Desktop Resources




Objective: Determine the registration process of the Virtual Delivery Agent


Source: Technical overview


Source: VDA Registration




Objective: Determine how to …