Citrix XenApp is dead? Long live XenApp 7.5!

Don't rush to throw away all of your XenApp solutions and skill sets so quickly (as if you would). After integrating XenApp in XenDesktop 7, Citrix will be releasing XenApp 7.5.

Learn more about it from Calvin Hsu, VP Product Marketing, Desktops and Application Group, Citrix Systems, Inc. Update: The video was removed from YouTube. You must have a account and login to view the following video:

Key points: HyperCloud technology can be better utilized by clients who have been doing desktop and application virtualization for quite a while and who have on-premises solutions, training, and skill sets. They can leverage the same management console, skillset, and architecture while leveraging the world's largest clouds. These clients can quickly take advantage of XenApp 7.5.

Also, full AppDNA capabilities, including OS analysis, remediation, and packaging App-V.

3 comments to Citrix XenApp is dead? Long live XenApp 7.5!

  • I’m really dissapointed Citrix brought back XenApp. Sure enough they’re doing some real cool stuff on the tech side but the marketing around XenDesktop/XenApp has room for improvement.

    They had better called it XenBroker if you ask me…

  • Scott

    Yeah…I am a XenApp Advanced Edition customer…Citrix wanted me to spend thousands to upgrade right to Xendesktop after I renewed my SA for XenApp. XenDesktop App Edition was missing a lot of features from Xenapp 6.5 Session Linger being the most prized feature in our organization.

    We have been a XenApp customer for 10 years. We have a great server farm and setup and Xendesktop 7 was missing a lot of good stuff.

  • I guess this might help who thinking of migration to Xen Desktop

    The Trade-up to XenDesktop program provides XenApp customers with special savings for trading up to the industry standard in desktop virtualization—Citrix XenDesktop. Customers who trade up to XenDesktop keep all of the great functionality they are accustomed to with XenApp, and add new, powerful virtual desktop technology.

    XenApp customers can trade up their licenses now, continue to deliver on-demand applications as they always have and add virtual desktops at their own pace. The Trade-up to XenDesktop program is not a limited time offer or promotion. It is a standard upgrade program for XenApp customers and it includes options for customers to add desktop virtualization to XenApp AND expand their desktop virtualization footprint— all at a fraction of the cost.

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