Citrix CCEE and CCIA valid for three years

I’m sure some of you already know this but I was just reading about it and thought I’d share as a reminder to get your old CCEA, CCEE, and CCIA certifications updated before the expiration dates.

The CCEE and CCIA certifications are valid for a period of three years, and it will make life much easier if you stay current with the certifications by passing one or two new exams before the expiration date, because if you lose it, you have to basically start the whole CCEE or CCIA track all over again.

This is a breakdown of which exams you need to take and what date you must pass them by, depending on the certification(s) that you currently hold. (See Citrix Education to verify before preparing for or scheduling any Citrix exam.)

  • If you hold the old XenApp/XenDesktop/XenServer for Windows Server 2003 CCEA or CCIA, you must pass one of the Engineering a Citrix Virtualization Solution exams (1Y0-A15 or the new 1Y0-A25) by July 31, 2012 to keep your CCEE status.
  • If you hold the more recent XenApp/XenDesktop/XenServer for Windows Server 2008 CCEE, you have three years from your certification date to pass the 1Y0-A25 exam to update your CCEE.
  • If you hold the XenApp/XenDesktop/XenServer for Windows Server 2008 CCIA, you have three years from your certification date to pass the 1Y0-A16 (Architecting a Citrix Virtualization Solution) and the 1Y0-A25 exams to keep your CCIA status.
  • If you haven't thought about it or just haven't had time, now is a good time to start planning on updating your Windows Server 2003 CCEE certification. (Remember, July 31st, 2012 it expires.)

5 comments to Citrix CCEE and CCIA valid for three years

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments.

    I have done my CCEA in 2007 now i realy need to upgrade and i have no touch with prodcut from past two years, any help regarding the material can get from you.


  • Dante

    I am pursuing a CCEE. I passed 1Y0-A05 XA5 on W2K8, is it still valid? or Do I need to take 1Y0-A20 XA6.5 on W2K8?


    • Jeff Rohrer

      Hi Dante,

      Unfortunately, the 1Y0-A05 is not in the CCEE certification path. The best you can do with the A05 is get a CCAA by passing the 1Y0-A08 Advanced XenApp 5 exam and completing the CXA-300-1 online training course.

      To answer your question, yes, you must pass the 1Y0-A20 to start your CCEE path.

      Here are a couple of resources that will further explain the answer to your question:

      Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer

      CCAA for Citrix XenApp 5 for Windows Server 2008

      – Jeff

  • Titus

    Do you know if I have CCIA I have to pass the 1Y0-A16 again every 3 year?
    Thank you

    • Jeff Rohrer

      No, you will not have to take the 1Y0-A16 again. But, you will have to take whatever exam eventually replaces the 1Y0-A16.