1Y0-A20 Online Exam Update January 3, 2012

Please Note: Prices and exams have all been updated since this post was written. Please check the Products page for the latest practice exams and prices. The 1Y0-A20 Citrix® XenApp 6.5 Administration online practice exam is in the finishing stages. The practice exam is actually completed and approved by Cirix® Education, but we are working diligently on the online exam engine. We hope to have it running in the next few days.

Anyone who purchased a new Citrix® 5.x Exam Prep PDF membership (previously named Premium Membership) between the dates of November 22, 2011 and December 31, 2011 will receive 30 days access to the 1Y0-A20 online exam free, as promised. If members who receive the A20 free want to continue access to it past the 30 days, they must pay the recurring fee of $19. That will continue to cover the Citrix® 5.x membership also.

The membership formerly known as the Premium Membership, now named the Citrix® 5.x Exam Prep PDF membership includes:

  • 1Y0-A05 - 306 Questions
  • 1Y0-A08 - 93 Questions
  • 1Y0-A18 - 77 Questions
  • 1Y0-A19 - 77 Questions
  • 1Y0-A23 - 292 Questions
  • 1Y0-A24 - 103 Questions

Thank you for your patience while we are working to release the online exam and I will continue to update everyone up to the point it's released.

12 comments to 1Y0-A20 Online Exam Update January 3, 2012

  • Hemant

    Hello Jeff,
    First of all Happy New year 2012.Hope 2012 brings all the peace and prosperity to you and your family.
    I am following these 6.5 updates.Because I am planning to appear for 6.5 exam end of 2nd week of Januray. I was wondering is there any tentative date you have?
    Or is there way you can use me as some sort of test user for your new engine test? or is there any sort of alternative secure way for you to provide me access.
    Sincere thanks in advance for your time and help.

    Hemant Patel

  • Jeff Rohrer

    Hello Hemant,

    I always hate giving an ETA because I’m always wrong. haha. But, we SHOULD have the new test engine running by the weekend. I’m leaving it open as “the weekend” because it could be late Friday, or sometime on Saturday or Sunday. HOPEFULLY, there are not too many more bugs for the developers to work out, and it’s live by then or earlier.

    Take care.

    • Will

      Hi Jeff

      A Happy and prosperous New Year to us all.

      Delivery times are great eh; I am as keen as any to get my hands on this but it will be finished when it’s completed and working correctly, which is cool with me ;)

      Keep plugging away mate you’ll get there and we will all be extremely grateful.

  • Jeff Rohrer

    Thanks will. We will keep at it and get it out ASAP!


  • Hemant

    Thanks so much Jeff.

    • Jeff Rohrer

      You’re welcome Hemant. Thank you for the message. It’s another indicator of the number of people waiting for this practice exam to be released.

      • Brad


        yes, there are lots of us out here who can’t wait to get a 6.5 practice exam. ‘preciate all your work on this. Looking forward to it!

  • Hemant

    Thanks Jeff.Hopefully you got more updates about this.

  • allan h.

    Just letting you know there are others watching closely for the release of your XenApp 6.5 updates.

    • Jeff Rohrer

      Only update I have is that testing is going along smoothly, but the engine is not ready to go live. The developers are working hard at it, as they know the excitement to get the A20 online. Let’s ‘keep our fingers crossed’ for an end of the week release : )

  • Hemant

    Thanks so much Jeff for the update.

  • Jeff Rohrer

    VERY close to a beta of the 1y0-A20 XenApp 6.5 practice exam. I know, about time! When it’s ready, I’ll email subscribers and post to blog, etc.

    I’m hoping sometime today!