Configure Web Interface for Mobile Devices

Configure Web Interface for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android) to access published resources in a secure XenApp server farm.

  1. Create and configure a XenApp Services site.
    • Specify a XenApp farm and a server in the farm.
    • (Optional) Change he XML port number and/or transport type.
  2. Select the published resource type.
    • Hosted
    • Streamed
    • Dual-mode
  3. Manage the secure access.
    • Choose the access method.
      • Gateway Direct
      • Gateway Alternate
      • Gateway Translated
  4. Specify the gateway settings.
    • Enter the FQDN of the gateway.
    • (optional) Change the port number and/or enable Session Reliability.
  5. Add one or more STAs (FQDN recommended, but IP address can be used.)
  6. If the XML port was changed, append the port number to the address.
  7. (Optional) Enable load balancing and set the time to bypass offline XML servers.
  8. Notice: Do no change the authentication from the default of 'Prompt'.
  9. Saving passwords and allowing users to change passwords are disabled by fault.
    • To enable one or both features, in 'Authentication Types' click 'Password Properties', click 'Settings'.

Done with configuring the Web Interface.

See the Citrix Knowledge Center article (video) How To Configure Access Gateway Enterprise Edition for Use with iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices for a more in depth look.

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