Zone Preference and Failover in Citrix 1Y0-A08 Exam

While I'm finishing up the 1Y0-A08 Advanced Administration for Citrix XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2008 practice exam and study guide over the next couple of weeks, I'll post some information every so often that should prove valuable to any would-be 1Y0-A08 test-takers. Please be sure to do your own research also, just to really get the information firmly fixed in your mind. Today's subject is: Zone Preference and Failover

While preparing for the 1Y0-A08 Citrix XenApp exam, keep in mind that you create zone preference and failover policies for each zone that needs to have a backup plan configured for it. The zone that the policy is created for should be the Primary Group zone. This will make sure that XenApp routes connection requests from users to this zone first. Specify a backup zone that the users will connect to if they are unable to connect to the XenApp servers in the primary zone.

When a users are frequently travelling to offices in different geographic locations, it is best to have them connect to the zone that they are closest to if there are multiple zones in a farm. In that case, filter the zone preference and failover by IP address so that when the user grabs an IP address from the office that they visiting, they will automatically connect to XenApp servers and use the published applications from that location, thus cutting out any potential WAN low bandwidth and/or high latency problems. In instances where users will not be traveling to other locations, it would be appropriate to filter the zone preference and failover policy by user group.

Remember also that configuring zone preference and failover is important for business continuity in case of an outage at the users primary location. The company won't have to worry about users sitting around doing nothing because of not being able to connect to their applications. A backup zone will be in place to ensure users are able to connect to the published applications that they need to use.

Just keep the above points about zone preference and failover in mind when taking the 1Y0-A08 exam and you should have no problem choosing the correct answer for two or three questions on this subject.

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  • paul

    Hi Jeff
    Have you finished the A08 exam and study guide yet i’m hoping to do this exam at the end of the month :-)

  • Jeff Rohrer

    Hi Paul,

    Working on it now. I can’t give an exact date, but it looks like it should be done in time for you to use it for your exam.


  • paul

    hi jeff
    thats great and thanks for the quick response


  • Rob K

    I was wondering if the A08 study guide was finished yet? Also, does it have any of the simulations on there?


    • Jeff Rohrer

      Hi Rob, it’s still a work in progress and I’ll be adding many Q&As this week. It’s a PDF so I can’t really create any simulations but I’ll try to create questions that will help you with the simulations.

  • Joe

    Hi Jeff,

    Just wondering if you would be able to post what you have done so far on the XenApp5 Advanced administration exam please. I’ve got this exam booked for March 15th and was hoping to read through your study guide before taking the exam.

    Much appreciated

    • Jeff Rohrer

      Hi Joe, sorry it’s taken so long to get to this. I’ll create a down and dirty study guide to put in the free area by the weekend. I hope that will still give you time to study it.

      • Jeff Rohrer

        I decided to create the 1Y0-A08 study guide now. It’s available in the Free Exam Prep section.

        It’s VERY rough…basically just a bunch of information split up into paragraphs, but at least it’s something. And like the practice exam, which is available for Premium members, it’s still a work in progress, but will be completed on or before Friday, March 18th.

  • Curran Padake

    Great stuff Jeff I am planning on doing the A08 exam in a week great piece of advice here.