Citrix practice exam discount into January

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Online Exam Simulation News and Update

Online Exam Simulation Updates

Things have been going well with the inaugural online exam simulation practice exam – 1Y0-A20 Citrix® XenApp 6.5 Administration. Of course, there have been a few “hiccups”, but they have been resolved, so we’re pleased with that and want to thank all of those who have been brave enough to purchase the exam …

1Y0-A24 Practice Exam Updated 103 Questions

For premium members, especially if you’re taking the 1Y0-A24 Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration exam soon, the 1Y0-A24 practice exam has been updated from 91 to 103 questions.

I’m studying for this exam myself now, so while doing so, I decided to fill in some details that I felt needed to be there. Hopefully it results in a better practice …

1Y0-A24 XenServer 5.6 Practice Exam Released

The 1Y0-A24 Citrix XenServer 5.6 Administration practice exam is available to download in the Premium Products section of CX. If you don’t have access to that area, be sure to purchase it now.

The practice exam contains 91 questions, answers, explanations and links to the sources of the answers so you can see the reference material and …