ICACLIENT.ADM template for Citrix XenApp plugin

The following are two of the ICACLIENT.ADM template configurations for XenApp Plugin for Windows (32/64 Bit).

It's also useful information for those planning to take the 1Y0-A08 Advanced Administration for XenApp 5.0 for Windows 2008 exam.

Link no longer works. Sorry. → Download the ICACLIENT.ADM Group Policy Object template to check out all of the XenApp plugin settings and configurations.

Which policy in the ICACLIENT.ADM template is used to:

  • configure window width and height, seamless windows, window percentage and full screen?
    • Client display settings
    • Use this policy to control how the client presents remote applications and desktops to the end user. Remote applications can be seamlessly integrated with local applications, or the entire local environment can be replaced with a remote desktop. Seamless windows: When set to false this setting allows the client to disable the use of seamless windows, instead displaying a fixed size window. When set to true it forces the client to request seamless windows, although the server may choose to reject this request. Window width and height:These settings determine window width and height. It is possible to define ranges of preferred values (for example 800-). The server may choose to ignore this value. This setting is ignored when seamless windows is in use. Window percent:This can be used as an alternative to manually choosing the width and height. It selects a window size as a fixed percentage of the entire screen. The server may choose to ignore this value. This setting is ignored when seamless windows is in use. Full screen:This setting switches the client to full screen mode. The server display will completely cover the client display.
  • enforce single-sign on by configuring the logon credentials for the client?
    • Local user name and password
    • Use this policy to instruct the client to use the same logon credentials (pass-through authentication) for the Citrix Presentation Server as the client machine. When this policy is enabled, the client can be prevented from using the current user's logon credentials to authenticate to the remote server by clearing the "Enable pass-through authentication" check box. When run in a Novell Directory Server environment, selecting the "Use Novell Directory Server credentials" check box requests that the client uses the user’s NDS credentials. Troubleshooting:To enable pass-through authentication, the client must have been installed by an administrator, and the "Allow Local Credential Pass-through" option must have been selected at that time. Each user can choose to disable pass-through authentication through the client registry settings, the Program Neighbourhood window, or by editing their copy of AppSrv.ini. To enable pass-through authentication, the user's copy of AppSrv.ini must contain the setting "EnableSSonThruICAFile=true". Program Neighborhood and Program Neighborhood Agent have additional logic that allow them to be treated more leniently when choosing to use pass-through authentication. The user can control the behaviour of these ICA sessions using the client registry settings.

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